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GOOD MORNING!! How often do we use this phrase in our day to day life?

Everyday and several times during the day. The moment we meet our teacher or colleague or boss or anybody for that matter we greet them with this phrase Good Morning.

The main idea is to start the day with a positive note and hope for the day to be good. Everyday is different and each day brings its own share of experiences: happiness and sorrow, laughter and pain. With each passing day, we not only turn a day older, but also wiser.  Experiences- be it good or bad have a direct reflection on our life and make us the person we are today.

How good it would be if we get to start each day with enthusiasm, vigour and energy. In our busy schedules, we are so hard pressed for time that we spend most of our mornings in getting our kids ready, preparing breakfast, packing lunch, etc and going off to work in a hurry that we do not spare a moment to enjoy the beauty that every morning brings.

The gentle chirping of birds, the gradual fall of sunlight on your bedroom through the window and the radiance that the sun brings into your room every morning is a sight that can be cherished only in the morning. Enjoying the beauty of nature would make our good mornings turn into gold and give us a great start for the day.

My idea of turning a good morning to gold morning would be by getting awaken by the sound of the early morning Azaan (call for prayer). Praying in the morning, then brushing my teeth and then looking at the greenery from the window of my home with a cup of hot tea in my hand and enjoying the fresh air of the morning would certainly make my mornings turn into gold and I would get the much needed charge for the entire day.

Colgate is the only toothpaste that we have been using at home since years. And its newly launched Colgate 360 degree Charcoal gold toothbrush is a great invention.  It not only cleans the teeth but also the gums, tongue and cheeks. Its charcoal infused slim bristles reach deeper between the teeth and along the gum line effectively cleaning the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.

Brushing my teeth with the Colgate 360 degree charcoal gold toothbrush cleans my mouth well and I feel refreshed and begin my day with a fresh start. My mornings surely turn golden with #Colgate360GoldMornings.


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