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In this fast moving world, we are so occupied by juggling various tasks at home and office that we do not get that much needed 'me' time to rewind and energise ourselves. Our life has turned boring because of our regular busy scedules and lacks that peppiness and spirit.

But for our complete well being we need to take a break from our busy schedules and participate in recreation activities or hobbies in which we are interested so that we would feel refreshed and charged up to face the next day with enthusiasm.

And this would also help us spend some time with ourselves indulging in things we always wanted to pursue since months.

Pursuing a hobby on weekends or holidays or in our spare time gives us that much awaited break from our regular routine. Some hobbies are a true stress busters and pep up our life. A few of them are listed below      

1. Book reading: 

Reading a book according to me is the best stress buster. It takes us to another world free from our regular day to day troubles and keeps us in good spirits. A good, interesting and peppy book is the best companion when you wish to give your mind and body that much needed energy. I always add new stocks of books to my library and turn to them whenever I wish to have a change or break.

2. Baking: 

Several people have found baking to be therapeutic and some even indulge in midnight baking to refresh themselves. So baking a cake or pasta dish or grilling paneer, chicken or fish would be a great idea to rewind after a boring day at work. This would also help you in gaining brownie points from your family as they would be Happy that you have put so much effort in cooking for them.

3. Craft making: 

Making different or unique crafts from paper, cardboard, thermocol, etc is another hobby that not only refreshes the mind and body but also brings out a person's creativity. Learning and making new crafts gives a  different dimension to our thinking and artistic capabilities.

4. Playing a sport: 

Playing a sport like tennis, cricket, football, etc is a good form of exercise and gives the body that much needed dose of energy and spark. It also inculcates team spirit, increases bonding and is a great way to rewind and bond in a fun way. What more it also helps us to lose extra calories.

5. Gardening: 

Gardening is another hobby that relaxes our body and mind. Planting saplings, watering plants, etc not only helps us breathe fresh air but also makes us feel more close to nature and enjoy it's beauty. It calms us and soothes us from our regular problems.

It's time we indulge ourselves in hobbies to pep up our life.

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