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Our heart is very dear to us. What we eat, how we eat, how much we eat and how we live our life has a direct impact on our heart and to our health. If our heart is healthy we have the energy and stamina to go the extra mile and live our life to the fullest.
The current world in which we live in is sophisticated, modern and technologically advanced. We have the latest gadgets and gizmos which make our work easier and reduce our daily movements and natural workout. We are also surrounded by fast foods, artificially ripened fruits and vegetables and high calorie sweets and soft drinks which are easily available but can adversely affect our heart. As a result most people think that keeping away from unhealthy food and exercising for achieving a healthy heart is a difficult task. 
Small changes to our lifestyle and food habits and little bit of exercise everyday can go a long way in keeping our heart healthy and we can lead a fit and happy life.
Be active
Exercise is a must for keepi…




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Datsun is all set to launch its latest car “redi –GO” in a few days. Going by the looks of it, the car indeed looks promising as it is a unique fusion of a compact crossover and urban hatchback. The car is aimed at the current generation who are ready- to - go and hence the name. It boasts of a machine that would give Indian youth the confidence to go further and strengthen their sense of freedom.

And Datsun redi-GO does not disappoint. It has a unique combination of style and comfort and no doubt it is the car to look out for this season. There are several features which make the car stand out from the crowd. Personally, three features which appealed to me the most are its

Fuel efficiency:

The Datsun redi-GO has a 799cc engine which provides an impressive fuel economy of 25.17 km/L. This is a great feature as it will make travelling a lot cheaper and we can take out our car more often for rides. Further living in urban city where re directions, traffic and one ways are com…


We have all grown up watching Cartoons.

Cartoons like the Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Chip and Dale, Duck tales, Snow Queen, Gummy bears, The Jungle book, etc have entertained us when we were kids and still hold a place close to our heart. Duck tales and Jungle book are my personal favourites and as far as I remember, I never missed even a single episode of them.

Now there are plenty of cartoons and cartoon channels and I like watching Doraemon and Chota Bheem, but I think those days the cartoons had that certain charm and charisma to them that literally glued to us to our television sets. We used to literally cry if we missed even a single episode.
When I was in school, I remember watching The Jungle book in the evenings and I would finish all my homework before hand so that my mother would not ask me to switch off the TV. The moment the Jungle book song would start, everything would be put down and I and my brother would gather in front of the TV.
Jungle jungle baath chali hai, pat…


Have you seen girls helping their mothers in the kitchen or sweeping the house or washing utensils or the laundry while their brothers are playing outside. Have you seen the elders teaching them to learn household chores right from their childhood as this is what they have to do when they grow up. Have you seen boys being told that this is not your job when they play kitchen games with their sisters.

I have seen this around me but I am glad and thankful for being lucky.

I never felt prejudiced just because I was a girl. I give all credit to my parents especially my father for the upbringing and atmosphere he gave me and my brother at home. They brought us up with lots of love, kindness and equality. I have always seen my father helping my mother in doing household chores. Some people think that washing the laundry is only a woman's job, but at home, my father too would operate the washing machine. This bonding between the two had a great impact on me. My father set a perfect exam…