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We have all grown up watching Cartoons.

Cartoons like the Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Chip and Dale, Duck tales, Snow Queen, Gummy bears, The Jungle book, etc have entertained us when we were kids and still hold a place close to our heart. Duck tales and Jungle book are my personal favourites and as far as I remember, I never missed even a single episode of them.

Now there are plenty of cartoons and cartoon channels and I like watching Doraemon and Chota Bheem, but I think those days the cartoons had that certain charm and charisma to them that literally glued to us to our television sets. We used to literally cry if we missed even a single episode.

When I was in school, I remember watching The Jungle book in the evenings and I would finish all my homework before hand so that my mother would not ask me to switch off the TV. The moment the Jungle book song would start, everything would be put down and I and my brother would gather in front of the TV.

Jungle jungle baath chali hai,
pata chala hai,
chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai
phool khila hai

We were transported to the Jungle world where drama, suspense, fun, laughter and fear kept us glued to our seats.

During exam time, I used to schedule my break during the show so that I could relax and yet not miss an episode. Now we can catch all the missed episodes of our favorite shows on YouTube, but back then, an episode gone was gone as there was no re-telecast. If there was a cable problem in a house, the kids would go to their neighbors’ house to watch the show. It kind of bonded people together and taught kids compassion, friendship, bravery and standing up against all odds.

I personally loved the climax part that is the fight between Mowgli and Sher Khan the most.

It was after watching the show that I grabbed a copy of the book by author Rudyard Kipling and was able to understand how the makers had wonderfully visualized his excellent writing to create magic on screen.

The new trailer of the latest Jungle book movie is out and I cannot wait to watch the magic of The Jungle Book come alive again on screen. Check this trailer out and I am sure you would not want to miss the movie.


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