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This post is very close to my heart as I am going to write about people who have impacted my life. I thought of writing about famous people, change makers and prominent personalities who have impacted my life to a certain extent. But the real people who have made a lasting impact in my life are my own family members through whom I have learnt qualities, skills and important lessons that has impacted my life for the better and made me what I am today.

1. My father: He has been a role model to me right from when I was a kid. The way he looked after his family is exemplary. He always kept his family first and was always there beside us in all our endeavours. He would drop and pick me up from school right from my kindergarten till my college every single day adjusting his office time with my school schedules. His selfless and caring qualities are those I have seen since childhood and I hope to imbibe the same. 

2. My mother: She has always been more like a friend to me. She has a frien…


Today's post is a product review of a brand that has been synonymous with quality and style. It is also my favourite brand in the handbag category and each piece from this brand is different from the other in its looks and has a unique charm and beauty.

Anne klein has always been associated with design, style and comfort. It is one brand that has always been in demand from people all cross the world. Its quality and looks are so good that everyone wishes to own at least one Anne klein handbag or wallet.

And guess how you would feel when you get  this lovely handbag from Anne klein as a gift from your brother. He always knew about my fetish for handbags and got this for me from the US. The first word that I uttered was "Fantastic". It looked so good and was one handbag I always wanted to own.

It has a nice black dotted design on white background in the upper part and plain yellow below. A black coloured string made of leather strips hangs on one side in the front and ni…


In this fast moving world, we are so occupied by juggling various tasks at home and office that we do not get that much needed 'me' time to rewind and energise ourselves. Our life has turned boring because of our regular busy scedules and lacks that peppiness and spirit.

But for our complete well being we need to take a break from our busy schedules and participate in recreation activities or hobbies in which we are interested so that we would feel refreshed and charged up to face the next day with enthusiasm.

And this would also help us spend some time with ourselves indulging in things we always wanted to pursue since months.

Pursuing a hobby on weekends or holidays or in our spare time gives us that much awaited break from our regular routine. Some hobbies are a true stress busters and pep up our life. A few of them are listed below      

1. Book reading: 

Reading a book according to me is the best stress buster. It takes us to another world free from our regular day to day…


GOOD MORNING!! How often do we use this phrase in our day to day life?
Everyday and several times during the day. The moment we meet our teacher or colleague or boss or anybody for that matter we greet them with this phrase Good Morning.
The main idea is to start the day with a positive note and hope for the day to be good. Everyday is different and each day brings its own share of experiences: happiness and sorrow, laughter and pain. With each passing day, we not only turn a day older, but also wiser.  Experiences- be it good or bad have a direct reflection on our life and make us the person we are today.
How good it would be if we get to start each day with enthusiasm, vigour and energy. In our busy schedules, we are so hard pressed for time that we spend most of our mornings in getting our kids ready, preparing breakfast, packing lunch, etc and going off to work in a hurry that we do not spare a moment to enjoy the beauty that every morning brings.
The gentle chirping of birds, t…