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Technology is changing and changing for the better. Everything has become quick, fast and within our fingers reach. Smart phones have redefined the way we use Internet today. We can lie on our couch and easily video call our brother living overseas at the touch of a button, buy clothes or electronics online without stepping out and whats app our friends anytime and anywhere.

But the only drawback that a smart phone has over a laptop or desktop is the speed. The internet speed in a broadband connection on our PC is much better than that in our smart phones. First we were using 2G where we had to wait long for the page to open. Then came 3G which had sufficient speed but was still not equal to a high speed broadband connection. But looks like this speed problem in our smart phones has finally found a solution.

Airtel has just launched its fourth generation communication services 4G which promises to make high speed mobile broadband a reality. Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in India and take internet speed to an all new level . Airtel 4 G has been launched in 296 cities across the country and this means that 4G services will be available in almost every corner of India. Another good news is that 4G will not be costly and will be available at 3G price.

The first thing for you to get started with 4G is a 4G device and a 4G sim. If you already have a 4G devide then you just have to get a 4G sim. Getting a 4G Sim has also been made easy as we can just tweet #GetAirtel4G and the Airtel 4G Sim will be delivered at our doorsteps for free. Airtel has made Internet network not only fast but also easily accessible to its customers. This indeed is a great initiative to build customer satisfaction.

I have been using Airtel 3G for the past few months and was quite happy with its speed. But downloading videos or movies was difficult and I would turn to my desktop with broadband connection for downloads. Opening blogs and pages loaded with high resolution photos also took some time.

But with Airtel 4G speed would no longer be a problem as we can download videos fast and all our web pages with high resolution photos will also open within a fraction of a second. I am eagerly waiting my 4G Sim to be delivered. My Internet usage and experience will reach an all new level as I can watch high definition videos without interruption,  open web pages quickly, check out photos in facebook fast, upload photos to my blog easily, and download videos in no time. 

In total Airtel 4G connection would save so much time and effort and truly makes high speed mobile broadband a reality.

You can also check out their latest ad and visit their website for more details on Airtel 4G.


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