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How many times have you missed an episode of your favourite TV show? For most people the answer would be “most of the time”. In this fast paced world, we are so hard pressed for time with our various responsibilities, commitments and work that we most often have to sacrifice our favourite TV shows and lament later about the missed episodes.
Being a blogger who blogs on food, I am hooked to cookery shows on TV and look out for new ingredients, ideas and methods to improve my cooking and dish out new and interesting recipes in my kitchen. I also watch a couple of TV soaps regularly.And when I am just ready to switch on the TV, a knock on the door or a telephone call or some other interference make me miss my favourite cookery show or a serial of my interest.

To make things worse, my one and half year old daughter and husband are always ready to grab the remote and keep me away from watching my shows. My husband likes watching news or Discovery channel and my daughter her favourite cart…