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After the thriller “God is a gamer”, comes the latest book by author Ravi Subramanian titled “The Bestseller she wrote”. This book  is way different from most of his earlier works as this is his first book on romantic intrigue. The author comes out of his safe zone to write on a concept he had never written before and comes out with flying colours.
One look at the book and you can gauge the fact that “The Bestseller she wrote” would be about books and the publishing industry. And you are not wrong. The book dwells in the world of books, authors and of course bankers. Being a banker, banking and banks have always played an important role in most Ravi Subramanian’s works and this book is no different.
The story is basically about a bestselling author who is at the pinnacle of success and his protégé who wishes to become a bestselling author. Banker author Aditya Kapoor has everything going right for him. He has an understanding and beautiful wife Maya, son Aryan and a successful bank…


East or west Chennai is the best.
Come rain or drought, Chennai will be my resort.
Being a Chennaite, I love my city and according to me it is the best city in India. The main reason that makes Chennai special is its wonderful blend of modern and traditional values. Here people from all walks of life are connected to each other not by their religion, caste or creed but by their attachment to the soil. Chennaiites are so connected to namma Chennai that wherever we go we are drawn back to the city for its charm and beauty.

For the past few years, Chennai faced a shortage of rainfall and we were preparing for a drought situation this year. The water levels in our houses had dropped to an all time low, the reservoirs were nearly getting dry and crops were affected due to inadequate rainfall. People very literally praying for abundant rainfall this year.

And rain did come and it came in such a high volume and in such a short span of time that it took everyone off guard. The roads were flo…