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Technology is changing and changing for the better. Everything has become quick, fast and within our fingers reach. Smart phones have redefined the way we use Internet today. We can lie on our couch and easily video call our brother living overseas at the touch of a button, buy clothes or electronics online without stepping out and whats app our friends anytime and anywhere.
But the only drawback that a smart phone has over a laptop or desktop is the speed. The internet speed in a broadband connection on our PC is much better than that in our smart phones. First we were using 2G where we had to wait long for the page to open. Then came 3G which had sufficient speed but was still not equal to a high speed broadband connection. But looks like this speed problem in our smart phones has finally found a solution.
Airtel has just launched its fourth generation communication services 4G which promises to make high speed mobile broadband a reality. Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll …