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Have you seen girls helping their mothers in the kitchen or sweeping the house or washing utensils or the laundry while their brothers are playing outside. Have you seen the elders teaching them to learn household chores right from their childhood as this is what they have to do when they grow up. Have you seen boys being told that this is not your job when they play kitchen games with their sisters.

I have seen this around me but I am glad and thankful for being lucky.

I never felt prejudiced just because I was a girl. I give all credit to my parents especially my father for the upbringing and atmosphere he gave me and my brother at home. They brought us up with lots of love, kindness and equality. I have always seen my father helping my mother in doing household chores. Some people think that washing the laundry is only a woman's job, but at home, my father too would operate the washing machine. This bonding between the two had a great impact on me. My father set a perfect example to both his children and we understood that as a family looking after the household chores is everyone's responsibility not just our mother's. As we grew up we were given small tasks of cleaning and dusting so that we too could contribute our bit in doing household chores. I am really happy that my husband too takes time off his busy schedule and helps in doing chores at home so that me and my mother in law could get some rest.

The scenario at my home is good but when I look at the world outside, I feel really sad for women especially for those working mothers who have to toil night and day to keep their home and office in order. What I don't understand is how some men sit comfortably in their couches watching cricket on tv while their wives or mothers are so tired with work and do not have time to even drink a cup of tea. If they would spare some time and help in doing household chores like cleaning or washing the laundry, life would be less stressful to the women in their homes.

It is time we end this prejudice towards women and be good role models to our children. Only if both men and women join together in doing household chores would there be order, bonding and togetherness in every home and the children too would see good examples and grow up to help each other in sharing the load.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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