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Our heart is very dear to us. What we eat, how we eat, how much we eat and how we live our life has a direct impact on our heart and to our health. If our heart is healthy we have the energy and stamina to go the extra mile and live our life to the fullest.

The current world in which we live in is sophisticated, modern and technologically advanced. We have the latest gadgets and gizmos which make our work easier and reduce our daily movements and natural workout. We are also surrounded by fast foods, artificially ripened fruits and vegetables and high calorie sweets and soft drinks which are easily available but can adversely affect our heart. As a result most people think that keeping away from unhealthy food and exercising for achieving a healthy heart is a difficult task. 

Small changes to our lifestyle and food habits and little bit of exercise everyday can go a long way in keeping our heart healthy and we can lead a fit and happy life.

Be active

Exercise is a must for keeping our heart healthy. We can start by setting aside a few minutes everyday to do small exercises, walk on the treadmill or do push ups or any exercise which we are comfortable in doing. Doing exercises pumps blood to the heart and makes it healthy. There are several benefits of exercising. It helps in reducing our weight, combats heart diseases, boosts energy, improves sleep and in total keeps us fit and active.

I make sure to exercise for at least fifteen minutes every day. This not only improves my health but also gives me energy and I feel active all day.

Eat healthy

We are what we eat. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is very important. Make sure that you include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses and other healthy foods in your diet. Avoid colas and fast foods. Eat sweets and fried foods in limits. Do not under eat or over eat. Eat when you are hungry and stop just before you are full.

Most Indian homes have the habit of making food with lots of oil or ghee and more amount of salt. But for achieving a healthy heart we need to make changes in the way we prepare our food. Food made at my home is always with minimum oil, less salt and low sugar. I eat wheat and ragi rotis, idlis, oats, salads, fresh cut fruits and soups and avoid colas and fast foods. I sometimes eat sweets, cakes and fried foods made at home but in small quantities.

Being happy

Laughter is the best medicine and research too has found that laughing helps in keeping our heart active. So I always try to be happy and keep people around me happy as such a simple thing as laughing can create a positive and relaxed atmosphere around that is also good for everyone’s heart. 

According to World Heart Federation, following these small steps helps in keeping our heart up to 50% healthier. So always remember these 3 mantras for achieving a healthy heart

  • Be active

  • Eat healthy
  • Be happy

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart. This year, on the eve of World Heart Day, Saffolalife inspired India to embrace a fresh, new perspective on heart health. It showed how simple lifestyle changes, specifically staying active, eating better, and being happy, are actually #ChhoteKadam to healthy heart.


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