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The world in which we live today has evolved and several changes have taken place. Earlier men used to go to work and women would stay indoors and do household works. At that time to some extent the work was equally divided between men and women. But in these modern times, woman too have become independent and have joined the workforce. Many men too are happy with this change and have welcomed it with open arms. But one thing that has not changed is their thinking.

While they are happy to see woman as an independent and earning member, they fail to understand that the responsibility and workload on woman has now doubled. They not only have to look after their office work but also household work. Isn't it then the responsibility of the men to take active part in doing household chores so that the work gets balanced between the two.  

A recent survey conducted by third party for Ariel has found that most households feel that doing household chores especially laundry is a woman's job. Children too are of the opinion that cleaning and washing is only their mothers job.

In several countries around the world, men too join women in doing household chores. They take active interest in every aspect of the home from cooking,to cleaning utensils and washing clothes. But this idea has not yet entered most Indian homes as most people are used to seeing only the ladies in their homes doing these jobs. Washing, cleaning, mopping, cooking and doing the laundry are considered as a woman's job and even little girls are taught to learn these as they have to do this when they grow up.

 It is time we end this prejudice towards women and be more caring and sensitive to their plight. Balancing home and office singlehandedly is a very difficult and tedious task. If the men of the home join the women in sharing the household chores life would become more smooth and stress free for the women. They would get some breathing space and feel contended and happy that their husbands are standing with them to share the load

Children follow their parents footsteps and if they see household chores being done only by their mothers or sisters they too get the opinion that it is their job. And when they grow up they would emulate their parent's example. Hence we need to break this thinking and prejudice and make them understand that doing household chores is the responsibility of every person in the home not just women. Only then would the next generation be more caring and understanding towards women and this prejudice would end.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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