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This post is very close to my heart as I am going to write about people who have impacted my life. I thought of writing about famous people, change makers and prominent personalities who have impacted my life to a certain extent. But the real people who have made a lasting impact in my life are my own family members through whom I have learnt qualities, skills and important lessons that has impacted my life for the better and made me what I am today.

1. My father: He has been a role model to me right from when I was a kid. The way he looked after his family is exemplary. He always kept his family first and was always there beside us in all our endeavours. He would drop and pick me up from school right from my kindergarten till my college every single day adjusting his office time with my school schedules. His selfless and caring qualities are those I have seen since childhood and I hope to imbibe the same. 

2. My mother: She has always been more like a friend to me. She has a friendly nature which instantly makes her liked by all. Anyone can share anything with her without worries as she understands the other person's problem and empathizes with them. Her friendly nature, empathy and easy to talk to qualities are those that I wish to emulate and hope that I would be a friendly mom to my daughter.

3. My husband: My husband's friendly and down to earth nature has always impressed me. He easily gels with people, manages his work with remarkable ease and smartness and goes out of the way to help others. He has always supported me in all my endeavours giving me strength and hope.

4. My mother in law: She has always been more like a mother to me and has always looked at me as her own daughter. Not one day did I feel that I am living in my in-laws house as she accepted me with open arms and made me feel comfortable. Whenever I went wrong in doing something, she never yelled at me but guided me to do that in a  better way. Her friendly nature, helping tendency and accepting everyone around her as her family are qualities that I adore and wish to emulate.

5. My brother: Even though younger than me, my brother has guided me on several occasions and sometimes has even taken the role of  an elder brother. His understanding nature and intelligence has always impressed me.

It is interacting and learning from my family members that I have become what I am today. I always try my best to pick up good qualities from others and try to emulate those in my life. Only when there is positivity and goodwill can we lead a happy life.

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