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I have always enjoyed reading detective stories and have hoarded plenty of books of this genre in my bookshelf. A new addition to my overgrowing collection of books is a book named "Bhrigu Mahesh, PhD –The Witch of Senduwar" by author Nisha Singh. This is the author’s first book and she has done a great job in bringing out a story that is interesting and enjoyable.

What first attracted me towards the book was its title which was different and intriguing. The book is set in an idyllic village of Senduwar in Bihar and the selection of the place and its subsequent sub plots add mystery and depth to the story. The legend of a witch, the discovery of a lost treasure, the subsequent gold rush, the mysterious death of a boy and the quest for answers are elements which make the book novel and interesting.

The main protagonists of the story are Bhrigu Mahesh and his friend Sutte. Bhrigu Mahesh is gifted with great intellect, memory and understanding of human minds and personalities. This trait helps him in solving mysterious crime cases during his short stint as a police officer and makes him quite famous. He then decides to take the role of a private investigator to use his skills in an effective way in helping others. His friend, Sutte through whose eyes this book is written, is a PhD who after dabbling with teaching finds his true calling in writing and becomes Bhrigu’s scribe.

Bhrigu Mahesh in spite of his extraordinary qualities is yet to overcome his own fear of an overpowering aunt. So, he on the advise of his friend Sutte decides to visit Senduwar, where Bhrigu has spent a difficult childhood, in order to finally face and let go off his fears. During his stay there, Bhrigu meets an old woman who requests him to clear the mystery behind the mysterious death of her son Malthu a few years ago.

What follows is a trail of the unknown where this great detective has to separate truth from the legend of the witch, find the reason behind the sudden accumulation of gold in the abandoned plain and finally understand the situation that led to Malthu’s mysterious death.

Bhrigu Mahesh along with his friend begins this quest and as they go on interrogating, they come across different people and situations that complicate the matter further. How this great detective joins the pieces of the puzzle together with his simple, unique and effective methods, traps his suspects with a game plan and finally corners the murderer form the rest of the story.

This book is a breather of fresh air as most Indian authors often dabble with chick lit romances, IT related fiction and mythological stories, etc. that finding a good Indian detective story becomes difficult. It is really after a long time that I have read a nice detective story that too set in an Indian village. I am sure you would like this book as it is simple, easy to read and has an interesting story.


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